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Free New Zealand Travel Planning Service

If you're a bit overwhelmed about planning your trip to New Zealand, you're in the right place. Our Free New Zealand Travel Planning Service takes the stress out of planning an adventure in New Zealand. 

Whether you're planning on renting a car or campervan and driving yourself around, or are looking for a flexible guided bus pass or small group tour, our New Zealand travel planning experts can assist in organizing your trip - all for free!

We want you to have an awesome time in New Zealand, and can help you with any and all of the following:

  • Get a custom itinerary designed by us for your trip to New Zealand that makes the most out of the time you have. 
  • Organize everything with Planit NZ Package - vehicle rentals, tour bookings, activities and more
  • Fill you in on out-of-the-way spots in New Zealand you might otherwise miss out on
  • Coming to New Zealand alone? Don't want to deal with the driving? Let us find the best tour for you - backpacker tours, hop-on hop-off bus tours, or independent adventure tours - we'll find the best one for you
  • Free activity booking service - let us find the best price for booking your skydive, your white water rafting adventure or your wine tour. We can book it all so you're set when you arrive in New Zealand.
We look forward to helping you plan your experience traveling in New Zealand.

If you're only looking to save money on your car or campervan rental and don't need help planning, check out our Car Rental Quotes page to find out how we can help you save.

Simply fill out the form above with your plans / dates, and we'll get back to you ASAP!

Testimonials from Past Planit NZ Travellers

When I first started planning my New Zealand North Island adventure, I had no clue where to start. I had so many ideas of where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do, but didn’t know how to begin. I came across Planit NZ, and I decided to send off an email. It was simple as that. I heard back from them right away, and they took everything I wanted to do and gave me more! I only had to worry about booking my flights and accommodation.

Putting my trust into Planit NZ was the best choice I could have made by far, and I’m so glad I did! Thank you Planit NZ for all of the help you gave me, and always giving me a speedy response!

Brooklyn M, Canada 

We did a 7 day trip around the South Island using Planit NZ’s wonderful itinerary and booking service. The suggestions of where they told us to go, and the pace they suggested was perfect. We got to see so much in such a short amount of time. They were so knowledgeable, helpful, and quick to respond to our questions. Thanks for all the help you gave to helping us plan one of the best trips ever!

Laura M, Kansas City, USA 

My two friends and I had planned a trip to New Zealand for two weeks, but we had no idea what to see or how to get around. After getting in touch with Planit NZ, we found out about the hop on hop off network of buses that travel around New Zealand, and they were perfect for our adventure! Matt helped to answer all of our questions, of which we had MANY, and we felt to be in such good hands using their planning service. 

Meiee L, Singapore


10 reviews
March 2016

We had our honeymoon in NZ for over a Month.We explored both islands, it was a journey that we will never forget. Beautiful places, stunning views, nice people. None of this wouldn't be possible without Matt's help. He was the guy who helped us to find a car, because we ran out of time, he gave us helpful informations about where to buy food, which places to visit even he suggested the hostel where we had our first night. He is a great guy, helpful I would recommend for everybody to ask help from him. He is the BEST! Thank you Matt!

Trip Date: February 2015

  • Overall Rating
April 2016

Planit NZ was SUCH a huge help! My husband and I came to capture our friends' elopement at Lake Tekapo, and wanted to plan a nice route for the remaining 21 days. The Planit crew helped us plan the perfect path to explore both the South and North Island! It was incredible! They helped ensure all of our questions were answered, and went above and beyond to actually listen to what we wanted on our NZ adventure. Having the insight of locals was invaluable! We were in such great hands!

You can see yourself! South Island: North Island:

Trip Date: February 2016

  • Overall Rating
September 2016

I just came back from my solo trip to South Island (16-27 Sep). It was a very memorable and enjoyable experience seeing the natural beauty of New Zealand and doing some of the iconic activities like Skydiving and Bungy Jumping. This was made possible by the help of Matt and his PlanitNZ team! Being my first time visiting NZ, I didn't know initially how to get around and what are beautiful places to visit. PlanitNZ has helped me to plan my itinerary and booked all the tours and activities. Yes, it is highly recommended to book the tours and activities as most of the attractions are highly in demand. During the Milford Sound tour, I decided to take a flight back to Queenstown last minute, but they ran out of space. :(. Should I had listened to PlanitNZ to book it before hand, I wouldn't have missed such opportunity. But I knew, I will surely coming back to NZ and will engage PlanitNZ again to plan my itinerary!

Trip Date: September 2016

  • Overall Rating
January 2017

We took our family of 5 to New Zealand for a week and had no idea where to begin. Planit NZ was extremely helpful in giving us some ideas on places to visit, activities our wide range of children would enjoy, and planning an route that was doable in a short amount of time. We were very pleased with their efficiency and thoroughness. It was super easy to work with them and encountered no problems along the way. They also helped us in booking our campervan for the stay. They were patient with our many questions and gave us lots of feedback when we had our own ideas. Thanks so much. Will definitely recommend you!

Trip Date: December 2016

  • Overall Rating
January 2017

I had the task of planning a 3.5 week tour of New Zealand for our family of 4, and I didn't have a lot of time to do research. Matt's guidance was super helpful -- with his recommendation, we adjusted our itinerary, booked the right campervan, and made the most of our time in NZ. He answered all of my questions with his trademark patience and good advice. We had a truly spectacular trip -- and we are very grateful to have worked with Matt. I enthusiastically recommend Planit NZ!

Trip Date: December 2016

  • Overall Rating
February 2017

We rented a car through Planit NZ. All of the paperwork we got was in order and we had no hassles getting the car. I also asked Matt to review our proposes itinerary and he gave some good feedback. Just know that to be able to get advice on your itinerary, you first need to book something through them.

Trip Date: December 2016

  • Overall Rating
March 2017

Asking Planit NZ for help with planning your New Zealand trip is a wise choice. We were quite over challenged with where and when to go, and choosing a suitable car rental for our travel. The crew at Planit NZ made our travel much easier. The itinerary they suggested suited us well and the car rental was just perfect. It was delivered on time at our hotel in Auckland, check-in was easy and quick and giving the car back in Wellington was just as hassle free. I would use and recommend Planit NZ anytime. The price of the car rental was reasonable and the staff very friendly and helpful. Thank you Planit NZ crew.

Trip Date: March 2017

  • Overall Rating
June 2017

Planit NZ was incredibly helpful in giving us advice on our itinerary. I'd already put together a 10-day itinerary of the South Island on my own, a hodgepodge of tips taken from various sites all over the web, but Planit NZ refined it so that we covered an optimal number of places without rushing overmuch. NZ is a beautiful place and my husband and I are so grateful to Planit NZ for providing us travel consultation and booking various tour packages and activities for us. It's so much time and hassle saved for very, very reasonable prices. The travel planners at NZ were very prompt with their responses, too. I'll definitely go to PlanitNZ again for a future trip :)

Trip Date: December 2016

  • Overall Rating
October 2017

My family and I did an impromptu trip to NZ in April so I did not have much time to research thoroughly about the place and what to do. It ended up being a great trip, especially the campervan experience which Planit NZ help book for me. Matt, Daisy and all are super efficient and helpful in getting things done and also providing suggestions on what to do based on the length of stay. Thanks guys, would definitely refer to you if I go to NZ again!

Trip Date: April 2017

  • Overall Rating
November 2017

I cannot rate these guys highly enough, they went above and beyond to help me plan my perfect trip for myself and my friends. Always prompt with replying, and nothing was ever too much, 100% recommend!

Trip Date: November 2017

  • Overall Rating