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May 2016

Terrific tour with loads of information. It poured rain the entire day of the tour, and I was dreading it because visibility was so limited. But the incredible bonus was thousands of waterfalls that only occur when it is raining. So the tour is a win regardless of weather. Bus is comfortable and stops are adequate. Well worth the price.

Trip Date: February 2016

  • Overall Rating
May 2016

Nice and unique experience. Never expect to see such beautiful glowing creature.

Downside on the tour is that the time to see the glowing creature is very short. We were seated on a boat and we did not have any opportunity to be up and close with the creature. Within the next couple of mins, we are already out of the cave and the tour ended.

I will recommend going to Ruakuri cave as you can be really close to the glowing worms. But do note that there will be about 1 hr of walking in the cave. But is worth trying.

Trip Date: March 2016

  • Overall Rating

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