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June 2017

Planit NZ was incredibly helpful in giving us advice on our itinerary. I'd already put together a 10-day itinerary of the South Island on my own, a hodgepodge of tips taken from various sites all over the web, but Planit NZ refined it so that we covered an optimal number of places without rushing overmuch. NZ is a beautiful place and my husband and I are so grateful to Planit NZ for providing us travel consultation and booking various tour packages and activities for us. It's so much time and hassle saved for very, very reasonable prices. The travel planners at NZ were very prompt with their responses, too. I'll definitely go to PlanitNZ again for a future trip :)

Trip Date: December 2016

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May 2017

Recommend the knowledgeable, friendly staff @ Planit NZ, especially Matt for assistance with choosing tour to suit my needs, time available. Also assisted with discount, payment. Other staff provided updates about the Ronn Pass ( South Island include deep South)
Thanks, really enjoyed my trip. Dawn

Trip Date: April 2017

  • Overall Rating

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One of the best ways to experience New Zealand is on a small group tour. You're guaranteed a professional guide who knows the country well, and you'll get to visit New Zealand's top destinations. With a driver-guide getting you from one place to the next, you can sit back and...


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