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July 2018

My daughter and I travelled from Queenstown to Auckland over a 12 day period June into July 2018. PlanitNZ was great to work with. Timely responses, great deals and lots of help when we needed to plan our itinerary. They were easy to contact if anything was needed during our trip. We rented a car through them, and everything ran smoothly, from the airport pick up, ferry recommendation, to the airport drop off. The car was in mint condition and we had no problems driving, despite our hesitation given the winter season, driving on the left side of the road, and a steering wheel on the right. I would highly recommend PlanitNZ. Thanks Matt and Daisy.

Trip Date: June 2018

  • Overall Rating
May 2018

We recently experienced a true "trip of a lifetime" when we spent three weeks traveling the South Island of New Zealand in February. We couldn't have done it without the awesome team at PlanitNZ! Matthew spent time getting to know us - how we like to travel, what was important to us to see, etc - and then proposed an itinerary that punched all of our buttons! He helped us plan the perfect itinerary, where we saw enough of the different aspects of NZ - beaches, rainforest, towns, mountains - but without spending ridiculous amounts of time in the car. And the car time we had was always interesting and really just another fun part of the trip. We did have a couple glitches during our visit. One of our own making (be sure to take your drivers license if you plan to rent a car, even if you have an international license which you don't really need) and the other Cyclone Gita. In both situations, Matthew and his team were quick to respond and help us figure out how to proceed. Both "crises" ended up just adding a little more color to our travel stories! In addition to planning our itinerary the PlanitNZ team helped us reserve our rental car (and then cancel & refund that car when we messed up and then find us another rental car starting from a different town 5 days later) as well as a couple of excursions. All the arrangements were handled beautifully, with clear instructions on how to execute once we were in NZ. Really, using PlanitNZ was one of the best decisions we made about the entire trip. They know their stuff, are easy to work with and really care about their travellers! Thanks PlanitNZ for ensuring that our trip was every bit as amazing as we had imagined it would be!!

Trip Date: February 2018

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